About Regional Services

About Regional Services

The ProS Region provides reliable, high-quality administrative support to faculty, academics, staff, student employees, and retirees in support of the UC Berkeley mission of teaching, research, and public service.

Our aim is to build a team that is 100% committed to you. Over time, the Professional Schools (ProS) team members are determined to become familiar with the unique issues, terminology, funders, sponsors, vendors, and circumstances in the ProS region that will enable us to provide service that you'll find responsive, meaningful, and relevant.

We are extremely proud of the team we have put together and are working hard to provide faculty, staff, and students in our region with expert advice and reliable support services that foster academic and professional success.

Our success in the ProS region depends on your open and honest feedback. Naturally, we want to hear when we help you succeed; but, more importantly, we welcome feedback on how we can improve our service and innovate our approach. We encourage you to reach out and tell us how we can best support you!

ProS Governance Structure

Human Resources & Payroll Org Chart

Purchasing and Research Administration Org Chart

Leadership Team

  Regional Associate Dean                                Julia Arno - Regional Director   

Ron Dahl                                           Julia Arno
Regional Associate Dean                ProS Regional Director