Purchasing and Reimbursements

Purchasing & Reimbursements

Purchasing Goods

If you need to buy something, please use BearBuy! You don’t have to use your own credit card. Purchases under $1000 are auto-approved, (under $5000 for catalog orders) making the BearBuy process much faster.

Purchasing Services

What is a service? Paid labor performed by another person such as laptop repairs, bookstore operation, transcription, translation, use of security guards, transportation, computer programming, clothing rental and cleaning, tests and analysis, film processing, and service and repairs to: office equipment, transportation equipment, laboratory and medical equipment, and musical instruments.

You cannot purchase services with your credit card per University policy. If you purchase a service without an advanced purchase order, you will likely end up footing the bill, because you are no longer allowed to ask to be reimbursed for services. 

Contact our Purchasing Supervisor Latara Harris or our Team Lead Elaina Fernandez-Hutchinson if you need help. Some of these can be done quickly if the vendor is in the system already. 

Helpful Tips and Guides

  • Creating a receipt is required for 3-way matching or every invoice will fall into match exception (e.g. take longer to process). So please create a receipt in BearBuy.

Contact Us

General Inquiries

If you have any questions or need more information on "Purchasing and Reimbursement" related process or status, please email: ProSPR@berkeley.edu

PO Change Request:

Send all PO changes requests including closures to ChangePOPros@berkeley.edu

Purchasing & Reimbursement Financial Services Team: