Purchasing & Reimbursements

Purchasing Goods

Due to federal, state, or UC regulations, most transactions will need documentation to be in compliance with audits.  BearBuy is the system of record for campus procurement and the supporting documentation must be attached to the requisition/Purchase Order. Providing the information in advance will streamline the procurement process.  Once all required documentation has been received and approved, the Buyer will be able to issue the PO, which is the signal to the campus department that work may begin work with the Supplier.  Goods should not be shipped and services should not begin prior to the issuance of a Purchase Order to the supplier. 

If you need to buy something, please use BearBuy 

Fast Track Purchase Order Approval

  • Catalog orders under $5,000 skip Requisition Creator and Org Node approval steps

  • Non-catalog forms under $1,000 skip Requisition Creator and Org Node approval steps  

  • Service forms under $1,000 skip the Requisition Creator approval step

  • To qualify for the above, Shopping Carts must be complete (shipping address, valid chartstring)

Purchasing Services

What is a service? Paid labor performed by another person such as laptop repairs, bookstore operation, transcription, translation, use of security guards, transportation, computer programming, clothing rental and cleaning, tests and analysis, film processing, and service and repairs to office equipment, transportation equipment, laboratory, and medical equipment, and musical instruments.

You cannot purchase services with your credit card per University policy. 

To get started go to: To get started: https://supplychain.berkeley.edu/bearbuy/getting-started(link is external)