Monthly Earning Statement

Understanding your Monthly Earning Statement

Biweekly Earning Statement

Understanding your Biweekly Earning Statement

On-cycle/Off Cycle Check


When am I getting paid?

An on-cycle check is when the employee gets paid on the set paydays (monthly or biweekly) by UCPath payroll calendar.  You can view the Payroll Calendar for both biweekly and monthly pay cycles in UCPath Online under Quicklinks > Payroll Calendars & Schedules > Payroll Calendar.

What if I didn’t get paid on time?

  • If you are an hourly employee who missed your payroll deadline you have the option to select to be paid for those hours on the following pay date.

  • If you are a salaried employee who is missing pay or an hourly employee who cannot wait until the following pay date due to financial hardship you may request to be paid via an off-cycle transaction.

  • An Off-Cycle check is any payment that is not paid on the employee’s regular “on-cycle” pay cycle (either monthly or biweekly). This payment can be necessary when employees miss a significant amount of pay (e.g., missed time card, incorrect hours). All off-cycle transactions must be submitted by ProS payroll department and are manually processed by UCPath payroll department. Employees should expect payment within 5-7 business days and potentially longer during UCPath payroll production weeks.

  • Note: Off-cycle checks should only be requested under extreme circumstances and are not to be used regularly.

Payroll Supervisor Contact

Marco Ruiz


Phone: +1 415 279-2565

If you have general inquiries email us at:

Manual Timesheets

If you are unable to access CalTime please click on the timesheet that corresponds to your current appointment and submit it to your supervisor for approval.

Please email your manual timesheet submissions to:

Where to Access your W-2

As of January 26th, W-2s are now available online via UCPath. Please follow the instructions below on how access your W-2 and who you may contact for additional help.

Access your W-2 via UCPath 

  1. Login to UCPath(link is external)(link is external)
  2. Select Employee Actions (from the left)
  3. Select Income and Taxes
  4. Select View Online W-2/W-2C
  5. Answer the security questions and select Year End Form

Please review thefrequently asked questions  (FAQ)for more information regarding your W-2. Former employees may also find help information on how to access their W-2 online in the FAQ.

For further assistance please contact UCPath:

Please login to UCPath(link is external)(link is external) and click on “Ask UCPath Center” to submit an inquiry. You can also call the UCPath Center at 855‐982‐7284 from 8 AM to 6 PM Monday – Friday to speak with an associate. Berkeley does not have access to your W-2.