The latest information on how ProS Region is responding to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

March 2020 Updates

  1. Salary/Equity increase exception process, Stipends, and COVID-19 Leaves:
  2. Leave Update
  3. Agency Responses to CARES Act
  4. COVID-19 Paid Admin Leave added to Reader/Tutor Timekeeping App, a new checkbox has been added to the Reader/Tutor Timekeeping App which will allow Reader/Tutors to indicate when Paid Administrative Leave has been approved by the supervisor and taken as it relates to COVID-19 and Berkeley’s shelter-in-place directive. For more information and guidance here.
  5. COVID-19 Related Proposals, Awards, and Subawards
  6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Administering Contracts and Grants under COVID-19 Conditions 
    *FAQs on Contract and Grant Funding reposted from the VC Research COVID-19 site:
  7. New Employee Onboarding and Benefits Orientation Sessions
  • Form I-9 Requirement University Hall, where in-person onboarding sessions are normally held, is currently closed. Here are additional details around onboarding
  • While the campus is observing the shelter-in-place orders, the Onboarding Team will be utilizing remote onboarding for all new Berkeley staff with start dates between 3/17/20 and 4/10/20. 
  • This includes the recent announcement that flexibility has been granted for Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I-9) requirements given the limitations of physical presence - inspection is allowed (temporarily) by using other virtual methods. Documents must be physically inspected once normal operations resume.
  • In-person onboarding will be re-evaluated after 4/10 depending on-campus conditions and public safety directions received at that time.
  • In-person Benefit Orientations are also suspended at this time. To help new employees learn about this information, use the link to the right to get live links to the University of California Office of the President (UCOPP Benefits webinars. 
  1. Ann Oakenfull (currently at UCSF) will be joining ProS Region as a C&G Supervisor on May 1.  This will increase the volume of applications that are going out for Pre-award.
  2. UCPath Center moves to the remote workforce
  3. Executive Order Regarding Paid Administrative Leave(PDF file)
  4. Important updates on COVID-19 and BIO operations
  5. The latest information on how UC Berkeley is responding to coronavirus.
  6. Covid19 Related Campus Email Repositories and Resources