Post-award Time-frames & Responsibilities

RA Time-frames & Responsibilities
1-1 Proposal Request Form Two business days Once the proposal request form is filled out by the PI or his/her delegate, the RA should reach out about regarding the inquiry in two business days.
1-2 Fund Advance 10 days - 21 days Work with PI to complete the form, route for signatures, and submit to SPO.
1-3 Award Execution Negotiations between SPO and Sponsor. When the award is fully executed, PAS loaded into Phoebe Search.
1-4 Fund Setup 10 days - 21 days Budget loaded in the system by CGA. Budget upload into the different categories is then done by the RA.
1-5a Subaward Setup (Execution) Up to 30 days Collaboration between RA and SPO.
1-5b Subaward Setup (Purchase Order) 10 days Routing through internal BearBuy system to generate a Purchase Order.
1-6 Expense Projections Up to 5 days Upon request, assist PIs in projecting out expenditures until the end of the funded project period. Inform PI of deficit or overspending and work with the PI to routinely review and re-budget as needed to avoid spending overages.
1-7 Expense Review and Approval 2 days Approve reimbursements, BearBuy, entertainment and travel expenses and hiring of grant project staff. Effective 3/1/24, ProS will not approve these expenditures when a PI is running a deficit without prior Dean approval.
1-8 Expenses Reconciliation (Monthly) End of the Month Provide fiscal oversight of sponsored funds in the form of monthly or quarterly (depending on the fund) reviews, conduct ledger reconciliations as needed and provide monthly or quarterly reports to the PI.
1-9 Sponsor Reporting 5-10 days For annual, standardized federal progress reports, provide courtesy reminders when nearing project year-end date. For financial reports, it is a joint responsibility between CGA, RA, and PI. For financial reports that cannot be generated and submitted solely by CGA (eg. custom reports), RA can provide financial input on reported budget and expenditures.
1-10 Closeouts 10 days Prepare and submit Closeout Certification Form to CGA